Tech || A Mirror to Check Your Health: The MIT Medical Lab Mirror

Ever dreamed of having the furniture in your house to be as helpful as their looks? Probably like a Jetson-like lifestyle where tables produce cooling drinks for a stressed home body or a chair complete with all you want from massage to broiling food. Advancement in technology is slowly reaching that level, and soon we’ll be experiencing these things on a daily basis.

A good thing for those inventions is when it’s created for the welfare of man’s general health. Even better to know is that a guy (a student!) named Ming-Zher Poh from Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology program is currently developing a cool system that may help us in a simple way. How cool? Think of this: waking up in the morning and while checking out yourself on the mirror, you’re not just going to see your face, but you’ll also get your body’s vital signs checked. Say, is your pulse not skipping, your breathing just fine, and your blood pressure normal? How about your intoxication level from last night’s drinking session? OK, that wasn’t included on the function, but it will be cooler to have there too. In order to know your signs, you’ll just have to look into the mirror and wait while the computer attached to the mirror calculates your signs. Yes, even with a use of a simple web camera. Nice, right? This is the first time I think vanity and health went along very fine. Isn’t it great, you’re not just going to step out into the world being handsome or pretty, but knowing you’re healthy as well!

Watch the video and see more of the details. Cheers to the MIT guys working on these very nice ideas!


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