Book || Girl Trouble: Nuns prepare your guns.

Girl Trouble by Allan Navarra

Girl Trouble by Allan Navarra - image taken from

Girl Trouble 2007 by Alan Navarra

I bought this book because, like all men, I have my fair share of troubles with girls. When I saw the book dangling together with its fellow, bright-almost-neon orange covered books, I knew already that I am not alone with my own problem with girls. And the sign right in front of the book that says ‘Parental Guidance: Explicit Content’ makes me giddy.

Navarra had a fair share of dealing with break-ups, sex, masturbatory fantasies and a foreword by Peque Gallaga. The book is noteworthy for using blatant words, the legendary way of speaking in taglish and a collage of low-res-taken-from-an-old-cam-phone pictures. The book itself is, as said by Gallaga in his foreword, a biography of the author (which I cannot know, because I don’t know mr. Navarra personally.)

The book narrates in a very one-sided way – the machismo of love, sex and masturbation. Yes, if you’ve read that part quite a couple of times, the book contains explicit scenes of whatnot regarding the said subjects – again, love, sex and masturbation. The book tells the story behind the male trauma of breaking up, being turned down and returning the favor, after sex.

The book shows a lot of traits influenced by Dadaism. The book’s use of low resolution, pixilated pictures and the use of taglish as a medium of speaking/writing, which compared against the current influx and standard of high-res glamour shots and well written and strictly censored write ups, are primordial in form. However, the use of these substandard medium allows us to peek through the stories(‘snippets’ for the socially inclined and ‘shards’ for the archeologically inclined according to Gallaga.) of a normal person, the trauma of love as experienced by the regular bystander, and the vengeance of a broken male heart.

Helping make the story move forward into perdition, Navarra includes a couple of playlist songs that would actually match the mood of the chapter/story arc of the book. One liners such as ‘anything that involves bending over is a private moment’ and ‘no worries. you ought to hakuna her matata.’ Provides the reader an in-depth analysis of where he should stand between the fine lines of love, sex and relationships.

The book somehow provides a philosophical(lewd) view and stand regarding the choices men have to choose from.

Navarra’s Girl Trouble is a great read if you were born during the Palibhasa Lalake era of TV shows. Wherein every blunder you do on camera, either story related or not, gives you a smack of a rolled newspaper broad sheet from off camera right into your face.

Girls may love us, but the nuns that run their school will kill us.

Girl Trouble: Nuns are going all guns on this one. HAHAHA - image taken from


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