Movie || Flipped: Love As Told From Both Sides

Flipped (2010)

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It all started on their first meeting, when second-grader Julianna Baker instantly fell in love with second-grader Bryce. What comes next was predictable to tell, but after watching both sides of the story, you may want to think over those memories you had in your childhood puppy love years.

Here’s the quick rundown on the story (skip if you have plans on watching the it first): Bryce and his family moves in to a new house in the village, where Julie lives across the street. He felt annoyed on the troublesome girl, but on the girl’s side, it was love at first sight. First time I saw him, I flipped, she said. Right then on, Julie never ceased to express her love for young Bryce. It became her ultimate goal to have that special kiss from her first love. Bryce on the other hand tried everything to keep the girl out of the way. That lasted for the next few years, until Bryce committed some foul mistakes that hurt Julie. Then the story, umm, flipped. Now the boy began going for the girl, and that made little Miss Julianna confused over her feelings. It even made her angrier at some point. There came a moment when the anticipated kiss was almost there, but then it was all wrong timing. Then she walked out away. Then there were tears. Then there was a tree planted in the front yard of the Bakers. They were smiling. End of story. Haha, just go watch the movie. Reserve the sweet feeling and know why you should feel it after watching the flick.

So how do the little troubled hearts handled the truth? (We’re dealing on something young age-scale here since the story revolves around young teenagers) For these young kids, the terms crushes, infatuations and love are harder to grasp. Admit it, when we were young and careless, having a crush was a major thing already. Believing it to be love was even life-changing at those times. The movie explores that exact feelings of a youngster. When you go watch this movie, you’ll simply smile on how the events turn out to be. Those what if’s will be clearly answered (IF you still ponder on why your second grade relationship didn’t work out. LOL oh c’mon). It showed how stupid boys become when they fall in love. It showed how stupid girls can be when they fall in love. That sweet childhood stupidity everyone will just laugh about in adulthood. It’s a great feeling, nonetheless. Everyone gets a fair chance of falling in love and flipping like this.  Now I realize maybe this movie is for the old ones to rekindle the smiles of young love, when everything is still innocent and a kiss equals forever (yay, that’s cheesy childhood).

The movie was based on novel by Wendelin Van Draanen. It stars Madeline Carroll as Julianna Baker and Callan McAuliffe as Bryce Loski. Flipped was distributed by Warner Bros Pictures and was released on August 2010.


4 responses to “Movie || Flipped: Love As Told From Both Sides

  1. I also just watched this movie recently and am about to make a review about it. And I think this movie had the same effect for both of us–made us reminisce and then ponder about childhood “love”. This film just leaves you with a warm, fluffy feeling.

    Also, I noticed you just watched “Hard Candy” and reviewed it. Coincidentally, I also just watched that movie recently. And I loved it. Hahaha.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you. This movie has some kind of mystical powers that make you bring back those lost puppy love movies. Very nice, a lot of people had that feeling too!

      I actually haven’t watched Hard Candy. My co-author was the one who wrote the review, I just recenlty acquired the movie hehe. They say the movie had the “mindfuck” stuff. Intriguing. Might watch it sooner or later. Haha!

      thanks for dropping by! ;)

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