Hack n’ Slash || Dragonica Online, Dragon-slaying With a Keyboard.

Dragonica Online
Dragonica Online: hack n’ slash, keyboard style. Image from dragonica.mmosite.com

Dragonica Online is a 3D side-scrolling, platformer, hack and slash MMORPG created by barunson and was released by E-games in the Philippines August this year.

Back Story

The rogue Dragon Lord, Elga was released from his prison by one of the same heroes who captured and defeated him, Paris. And together with the release of the Dragon Lord Elga, a swarm of monsters appeared within the lands of Dragonica, wrecking chaos and havoc throughout the land.

The council of five, descendants of the five legendary heroes who defeated and chained Elga, sensed the impending revenge of the dark dragon lord gathered their followers and thus, the Dragon Expedition was born, to stop this tide of evil.


Dragonica’s gameplay combines elements of the side-scrolling action game and the generic RPG elements of a traditional MMORPG. What makes Dragonica’s gameplay unique is the presence of RPG elements such as an active inventory system, an area and world map, a pet system and plethora of side-quests through out the whole game.

The game allows you to choose from four different classes, i.e Thief, Warrior, Archer, Magician, which branches out after acquiring a certain level.

Dragonica: Character Creation

Dragonica: Character Creation warrior class - image taken from top1gaming.com


Though the game has its RPG roots, it lacks the intricate ‘Stat’ system. The game has its own calculations for the ‘stats’ of each character. Unlike classic MMORPGs, dragonica’s ‘stat’ distribution system is pre-calculated. The player cannot alter the given stats of his character, i.e. Agility, Strength, Intelligence and Health. While most MMORPGs incorporate the free ‘stat’ allocation system into their gameplay, which actually gives more flexibility and a wide range of ‘character builds’ available to players, Dragonica’s gameplay relies heavily on the skill set choice of the player and the ability to smash buttons with deadly accuracy and speed.

Dragonica offers a unique hack and slash way to level-up your character to superstardom. The game offers a ‘Mission Map’ type of element into the game, wherein only a maximum of four players can enter the map, in any specific time, to slash away through two to five levels and face a boss monster on the last level.

Dragonica: Mission Map

Dragonica: Mission Map - image taken from yuffiie.blogs.iahgames.com


Another reason to boost up your morale to achieve that extra level or that extra quest is the Medal System. Each player is given an Achievement list which, once achieved, provides a medal which gives players additional stat bonuses and/or an increase in crafting/upgrading chance.


Dragonica’s PVP system is based on casual MMORPG games. Once a player enters into PVP mode, s/he is sent into a waiting room wherein he either joins an already created room or creates his own room. The game’s PVP system only allows a maximum of ten players with five on each side to duel one another.

An addition to the traditional PVP system of pitting two random parties in a pickle, Dragonica provides two additional PVP systems, the Ranking system and the Battle Square, and a Guild versus Guild, Emphoria wars.

Dragonica: PVP types

Dragonica: PVP types - image taken from dragonica.iahgames.com


The PVP ranking system allows players to fight one another in the most equal sense. In this PVP system the players acquire CP points which, much later in the game, they can use together with a Sign of Hero, to purchase exclusive PVP gears for their classes.

The Ranking system automatically pits a player against a player with the similar level. It adjusts the lower leveled character’s level to the highest character’s level within the same room, which actually, most of the time, doesn’t really help. Only characters with levels 35 to cap are allowed to join in the PVP rankings and a team may only have one character class per participant. The Ranking system is available two hours daily, every 6pm to 8pm in the Philippine server.

While the PVP ranking system allows players to fight their way through 5v5, the Battle Square offers a bigger arena, pitting almost 40 to 50 players against each other. Battle Square’s game style is similar to the generic ‘capture-the-flag’ type of game. First off, players must destroy monsters placed across the map, the player who deals the last hit to the monster acquires the flag and is awarded with points to him and his side, and then the capture-the-flag begins. Battle Square participants must be at level 40+ to be able to participate.


Dragonica Online is a game for both the seasoned gamer and new recruits to the online gaming scene. The game provides a fresh perspective into MMORPG gaming, though skipping some traditional elements to the RPG genre it provides a more hands-on experience in gaming, unlike the tradition point-click-hack-and-slash game wherein gamer independence is solely based on the mouse, the game focuses more on keyboard smashing – both for communicating and hacking & slashing.


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