Hello Earthlings, we’re Extra Kanin and we come in peace.


Had a craving for pizza. hahaha

This is me, dealing with a pizza from outer space. hahaha

This blog thing was right on cue when the first decade of the 21st century closed its doors down. In the past few years I’ve been writing about lots of stuff, from the obvious flame bait for a friend to the total randomness of the vast World Wide Web. I’ve been floating around lurking and just reading what the web has to offer, but when this project came up I had to stop lurking in the dark and  feeding off from the web. I had to contribute, and I had to contribute to make a difference.

Consider us visionaries (not the cartoon), some rebellious young souls out in a quest to conquer the world or, at the very least, make a difference. Yep, that’s my point in joining Mr. Evan Quinay in making this project. I know it’s impossible to make a difference, no matter what your stand-point is or what making a difference means to you. But we in Extra Kanin, firmly believe that we’re capable of change. Even if it’s just a tiny, itsy-bitsy nudge, we’re good with that.

So what school of thought do we stand on in extra kanin?

Actually, we have no unified stance regarding the change we ought to bring in. What we want to happen is for people to have an option, an alternative to the bitter pill, a fresh perspective from a punto de vista of a normal bystander, who may have walked the same path that they have walked. Its actually presenting to people the awesome things they’d think only people who live in a rock would know.

How do we do this?

We become as viral as we can. Like the rice you eat on your dinner table, we’ll do our best to be ubiquitous in every household, in every person’s mouth, chewed down to bits and consumed for sustenance. That’s what we are; we are your Extra Kanin :)


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