Movie || Hard Candy, chew on this!

Hard Candy (2005)

A mature 14-year old girl meets a charming 32-year old photographer on the Internet. Suspecting that he is a pedophile, she goes to his home in an attempt to expose him.


Hard Candy

Hard Candy, 2005

The Story

Hard Candy is a twisted story about how prey becomes predator, and how weak predators become once they are confronted by what they sought after. It revolves around the aggressively mature 14 year-old Hayley Stark (Ellen Page) and the mysterious 32 year-old professional photographer, Jeff Kohlver (Patrick Wilson) who has a thing for, not barely-legal girls, but girls whose age will actually get you a death sentence in countries wherein death penalty is enacted.

Everything looks normal at the beginning of the film. Until Jeff offers Hayley an alcoholic drink, with the latter refusing the drink, saying that you shouldn’t drink something that a stranger made for you, which pretty much soon Jeff will fail to practice as Hayley makes a mean Screwdriver that Jeff falls and faints. After the alcohol, Jeff wakes up tied up and wasted, and accused of being a pedophile, and as well as abducting and murdering Donna Mauer.

Much later in the film after interrogation, psychological inquisition and castration (!!!!!) Jeff breaks and admits what he truly is and commits himself to death by hanging, as prescribed by Hayley.

What about it?

The film features the semi-ripped body (and some skin) of the gorgeous Ellen Page (Inception, 2010) to play as the 14 year-old, prey-turned-predator teen and Patrick Wilson (Watchmen, 2009) as the 32 year-old pedophile photographer.


Ellen Page: Hard Candy

How ripped? This ripped.


The film has minimalist influences in almost every aspect of it, from the opening credits of the film to the last scene. And as well as the story, Its straightforward trajectory,  gives away hints(Macguffins for the cinephile) of who/what Jeff really is on the story (clue: at the coffee shop scene, when they’re settled down on the coffee table, the camera will pan through a poster saying, Missing: Donna Mauer).


Though Hard Candy is not particularly for everyone, as it may seem to be dragging with the slow pace of the story and lack of (stunning) visuals, it still lives up to its minimalist conception and psychological thrust. With Ellen Page playing a 14 year-old out for revenge, without taking away anything, the film will still remain as an eye candy for those who watched and appreciated it.


This is not Inception :)

This is not Inception :)

check imbd for more info :)


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