New Kid Comes With New Tales to Tell

I'm not this serious, i just need to pose. Hehe

Hi, I’m the new kid in town. Well, not really that new, but I’m starting 2011 with a fresh outlook and a new mindset. Thus, this new blog.

OK, let’s see. What’s up and what’s going on with this blog? I had previous blogs before which catered my readers with poems and short stories, almost all sentimental and satirical in nature. It was one of my stress relievers. It was, and still, my means of venting out the happiness and frustrations in life I don’t like sharing with other people vis-à-vis, with each one written as a literary piece. It was also my only way of practicing writing. But then, I got a little too comfortable with the style, so I had this wonderful idea of going out the usual phase. Why not try out a different style of blogging, I told myself. It also could have been influenced by the blogs I read from different people I follow on Twitter. Or the trend of Filipino blogs emerging from different parts of the country, with cool topics and themes to present. Nevertheless, I got excited to start this kind of project.

I accounted my options before starting this one out. I figured that, maybe this time, I don’t need to work this one out alone. I remembered my other friends who write and blog as well. And so the concept of having other friends to write for the blog was included. I instantly contacted my creative buddy, Borjie Pontejos, to take part. He was as happy as me upon hearing the news. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s willing to try out other style of blogging. He gladly took the job and became a co-author for this one. I also went on to talk to a few of our friends who were into writing, and they were also excited to be contributors for this blog. Soon, they’ll be posting up their stuff. We’re also planning to invite other people to blog as guests. A wider community of writers, isn’t that nice? We’re on this planning stage already and we’re definitely can’t wait for it out to have nice results.

Now when it comes to the name, we’re supposed to go for Extra Rice, but it was too cliché to use. At first I was suggesting Outer Space Rice, but we finally settled with Extra Kanin. It was to combine a Filipino term with something extra-ordinary (OK that was lame). But actually, hearing the name extra kanin makes me remember the carinderia scenario, ordering more and more rice topped with different meals. Makes me feel nostalgic too, since living here in Japan cuts me off from that stuff back in my homeland. In any way, we liked the sound of the name.

As I explained in the About Us page, this blog delivers fun stuff we find in the Internet  and out in the real world. There are millions of things to know about, to watch, to say and to hear about. We share the things shared with us by a lot of people, adding our own experience with it. We like to add some couple of knick knacks to your entertainment. We’re hoping this community will grow to become a helpful aid not just for the Filipinos but for our readers all over the world.

Oh, I haven’t said the greetings yet. I welcome you to our little abode, and hope you get some extra kanin while munching on the feast of fun. And in tradition, just dig in, may salad pa sa ref!



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