Music || Pinback and Their Simple Magic Tunes

Genre: Indie Rock
Years Active: 1998-Present

Pinback: Armistead Burwell Smith IV (left), Rob Crow. Image from

If you’re aiming for a smooth Friday night with melodic and clean rock sounds on the background, then this band’s music is definitely right for you. Pinback is an indie rock band from San Diego, California formed in 1998. According to Wikipedia, The band’s moniker is a reference to a character in the sci-fi horror film Dark Star, directed by John Carpenter. So far, they have released four studio albums, a couple of EP’s through the years, and one compilation.

I came upon their music just by accident (like most of the songs that I have discovered in the past). Somebody posted a live video of their Paris gig (the song was Boo, previewed below), and as I watched them by their way of playing their song, I kind of became intrigued. Was completely convinced about something I’m not sure of, though the way they play caught my attention. As you may have noticed, in the modern world of rock, most of the guitarists that play onstage heavily rely on different effects machine to produce their favoured sounds. I don’t have any problem with that (as I would like to play with effects myself), but hearing Pinback go on with their music just by using the guitar’s clean mode, added with touches of sweet bass tunes, keys, drumbeats, and a lot more instruments can make you feel like there’s no difference. Still a wonderful set of music. I can describe their songs as just playful, no hardcore riffs, and catchy arrangements. And the voices of the front men Armistead Burwell Smith IV (nice name by the way) and Rob Crow fit in, like they are serenading. No point in shouting, that’s how I describe their way of singing. All in all, Pinback is an awesome band, and they are worth listening to.

Discover more of their works in their official website.


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