Music || The World Is Our Playground

Check out this uploaded trailer video by Tony Rago (TRageCapone) from Chicago featuring an upcoming movie about his one week adventure in Manila, Philippines and meeting his favorite band, our very own Up Dharma Down. I believe his love for our local music is an essential proof that our own talents and skills are slowly creeping in the international scene, and that our genuine arts is parallel to the world.

A much awaited movie for all lovers of Pinoy music.

“During August 2010 a Non-Pinoy American from Chicago journeyed halfway across the globe, to Metro Manila, Philippines.

Traveling to a country he has never been, he met with his favorite band, documenting his happenings through out the week.

Friendships were forged, music was shared, and through his experiences this documentary can provide a small glimpse of that journey.

The band is Up Dharma Down and this story is through the eyes of Tony Rago.”

Coming Soon… 2011

For more of the director’s cuts and pieces, visit his Vimeo, Tumblr and Facebook.

For more Up Dharma Down stuff, visit their Facebook page or follow their Twitter.

Here’s a bonus clip, a practice rehearsal of the band performing ‘Tadhana’, also by TRageCapone.


3 responses to “Music || The World Is Our Playground

  1. I knew there’s something familiar about the title.

    I LOVE Up Dharma Down, since their early years. I remember getting swept away when I first listened to “Maybe.” Right then and there, I knew they’re exceptionally different, and their music will take them (and their listeners too, of course) to new heights.

    Nice blog, btw!

    • Hey Yoj! Oh, you’ve transferred to WordPress. Nice, welcome! :)

      Yup, I was captivated by their music as well. Also a die-hard fan back in my college days. It sure is brilliant how they compose their music and arrange their songs. Hearing them play live is even more awesome! I hope they make more good music for us to hear.

      Thank you for the visit Yoj! Drop by again in the future. Cheers! :)

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