Tech || The Future With SixthSense

Before I make some commentaries about this post, it would be better if you watch this video first.

So… holy mackerel, what was that? This could be the most futuristic invention we’ve all been waiting for! The “leap to the future” device like those things you only see in the movies like Minority Report and Iron Man. As we all know today, we are hooked on to the technology of the touch screen devices, much thanks to the invention of the pen tablets, then the iPhones and other similar devices. And then Xbox had the Kinect technology release:  a device that can make you interact with your game with gestures and body movements. Now, we have the SixthSense system created by Pranav Mistry, an MIT Media Lab PhD student, which takes digital-reality interaction to another level. Really cool, eh? Pretty much sooner, you’ll going to be a walking digital person, accessing any information you need by just a gesture of the hand. You’ll be taking and editing pictures, finding online maps, reading news articles and videos, making a phone call using your hand and a lot more activities.

What’s also nicer with the SixthSense device is that, according to the website, people may be able to make the prototype. Yes, even if you’re just sitting in your home and had an inspiration to create something to pass the time, you can make one like this. For me, I’d probably add a jetpack connected to the device to complete the package. Please don’t copy my idea, okay? Go make your own! LOL.

This demo was done in 2009, so a lot of things surely have been integrated into the system. I can’t wait for the next demonstration to come. Mr. Mistry, you’re a genius!

“Trying to bring a thing from the physical world to the digital world.” Very nice objective.

Here’s an additional clip about the SixthSense Techonology, from Pattie Maes.

For more information visit the SixthSense Technology website, and its developers Pranav Mistry and Pattie Maes.


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