Movie || The Emotions We Forget

La maison en petite cubes

La maison en petite cubes

There are certain things that live cinema can’t or sometimes forget to portray. Even though live cinema allows us to see the crude, human emotions portrayed in a film, it sometimes lacks certain fragments of the human spirit. Human spirit is, and should be, the purpose of any film, regardless of genre, director, budget or actors. The film must capture the visual essence of the human spirit, the struggle it goes through, the blood it bleeds, the bones that it breaks, and the life it lived.

Actually, in any form or flow of art, the message that it should impart to its viewers is the existence of the human spirit, it may be the irregularity of shapes, the continuity of colors, and the emotion of its strokes and so on. It boils down to the fact that these things exist for the purpose of affirming the existence of the human spirit, the ideals of humanity and its struggle.

Here, I’d like to show to you some outstanding animated shorts that would touch your soul and, possibly, make you feel something warm inside of you.

Tir Nan Og by Fursy Teyssier

Tir Nan Og, is an animated short about a young girl losing her grandmother to Death, she struggles to keep her grandmother and later accepts the fate of her grandmother. Tir Nan Og is the name of the otherworld in irish mythology.

La maison en Petite cubes by Kunio Katō

La maison en petite cubes, is about an old man reminiscing how he got to where he is now. Set in a post-global warming time, where the polar caps have melted and the sea level has risen and people has adapted to the way of living above the waters. The story drifts away from its environmental ploy, switching to the emotional and nostalgia driven story of an old man forgotten.

It’s such a tragedy that when we look at new films we tend to look at it through the meticulous detail incorporated into its effects, or the flashiness of its gunfights. Sometimes we forget what films are meant to be in the first place.


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