The Obsession with Facebook [Infographic]

How obsessed are we on Facebook?

The first time I registered on Facebook was on April 2009 because I was promoting a band gig and an art exhibit of ours. And, well, I also succumbed to peer pressure. All throughout my college years, I dared not to create an FB account because I thought of social networking sites as real time-wasters. I only had Friendster, Multiply and deviantArt that time, and that was enough to keep my web presence beeping on a timeline. But hey, since it became a fad and a tool for reconnecting with old pips, I joined in the fun. I still remember having instant 100 friends on the first day of my registration. One hundred! And now after almost 2 years, i had 800+ reconnected long lost acquaintances. I admit not all are my real friends, but I am sure I have interacted with all of them at one point of my life. (Oh, Cassandra who? Uh wait, I don’t think I know her…)

Now I came across this infographic and voila, dark secrets have been revealed. Now I ask myself: am I obsessed with Facebook? Oh wait, maybe on a larger scale, are WE obsessed with Facebook? At first I was really hooked on to sharing almost everything when I’m online. Now I just use it to promote stuff and share pics. That’s because almost all the people I know have a Facebook account. My mother and father have their own. Others even have multiple accounts. And those higher beings have multiple accounts and multiple fan pages.  I guess in no time, Internet social life will be synonymous to “I’ll add you up on Facebook” thingy, and no one will be spared from this phenomenon. At these present times, it has already started to become a part of our life. By the way, add me up on Facebook. Haha, just kidding.

We can’t generalize if we are obsessed or not. No one can say if Facebook is good or bad as well. It all depends on the user. So don’t feel guilty right away when you see this graph.  I’m trying to balance FB life and real life and it’s well-blended so far. If you’re happy while staying on FB, go ahead and use it as a tool of joy. If you’re getting no progress in reality because of this social networking platform, then I guess it’s time to weigh the value of your life. Just connect online wisely and responsibly. :)

Infographic via and SocialHype. I stumbled upon this image on Mashable.

Here’s a bonus comic strip from Oatmeal about people on Facebook.

Click Here to view complete comic strip.


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