15 Minutes of Fame

Long Live The Fearless Man

Long Live The Fearless Man image taken from http://iamaissa88.multiply.com

Andy Warhol said that everyone will be world-famous, in their own right, for 15 minutes. But short films beg to differ, as 15 minutes may not only be fame but immortality, not only of the person who created it, but of the idea in it and the message it conveyed on to the people who watched it.

A short film may lack in numbers based on almost every aspect of film production; the staff, the actors, the budget, the minutes and the audience. It’d take a genius of a person to direct and create such groundbreaking and earth-moving films. Just like the brand independent, or most commonly known as indie, short films can be made by ordinary people, with no extraordinary means. Anyone from a poetic balut vendor, to an idealistic-young-university-graduate bum can make a short film, but the question will still remain, will it break ground, will it move the earth upon its screening?

Who knows? You, because you are the subject of these short films, it encompasses the whole spectrum of human living. It dares to speak the evils of our existence, the threats we pose against the very world we live in, and the good we leave behind for others to follow, it shows life in its most raw and most pure. But most of the time, these short films have political bearings, egging us to use our voice to air out our rights and use our eyes to see what’s wrong.

Unlike most full-length films, or feature film, these short films move according to what is dictated by the norms of the current time. It fluctuates as time goes by, as generations pass by and as eras go to dust. The short film genre is not controlled by the claws of capitalism, it struggles just the way most normal people would do. It is the miniaturization of life, compacted into not more than a quarter of an hour of film. driven by the details as told by life, according to life.

Here are some short films about our humanity, and how we live it everyday.

Demokrasya (Long Live The Fearless Man) by Aissa Peñafiel and Miguel Ocampo

A short film endorsing democracy, narrated in Filipino, it narrates the intricacies and implications of democracy to a country drowned in poverty and political circuses.

Connected by Jens Raunkjær Christensen & Jonas Drotner Mouritsen

set in a post-apocalyptic era wherein the earth’s atmosphere can no longer support life, humans struggle as they strive and survive through the harsh environment the earth has become. It shows how people would react just to survive in a harsh place.

Our time is up by Rob Pearlstein

is a short about a doctor, who deals with his patients in a very disconnected and functional way. until, one day, he receives a call from a fellow doctor who says that he has a very short time to live. And everything changes for him.


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