Joining the Conversation

I’ve been a blogger for close to eight years now. Back when I first signed on to the web, blogging (even if the term wasn’t in full swing yet), was for me, just a means of spilling out my angst and keeping a record of my day. It was a fun exercise then, an occasional source of schoolyard controversy, and inevitably a piece of personal history. Yet it was not long before my personal history became interwoven with larger and more dramatic histories that deserved to be chronicled, discussed, and eventually added to in the course of time. What started off as a teenage girl’s self-indulgent space eventually evolved into a place to discuss and explore the good and not-so-good sides of reality, and more importantly, to explore possibilities for the future. To take a hint from Peter Drucker, I was hoping to predict the future by somehow creating it, even if in writing.

This was what came to mind when Borjie Pontejos asked if I could contribute to this blog. The timing was perfect.  In this decade, the stakes are high for bloggers. What started off as people telling their stories on the web has now evolved into something that moves, changes, and molds the world as we know it.  Countless individuals on multiple platforms are involved, like guests in a party, talking within and across groups. In a sense, blogging has evolved into one of the longest and most powerful conversations on the planet.

I believe that in Extra Kanin, we are contributing a different perspective to the ongoing worldwide conversation. We are bringing forward something that is a blend of several amazing things: young, Filipino, and substantial. We are helping steer the exchange of ideas in a fresh and innovative direction. This is a way of revitalizing what has been termed as “the staff of life”.


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