We introduce to you: Kat Gomez

Borjie says:

She was introduced to me by my girlfriend, R.A. as she kept on bugging me about her schoolmate who was really good. She always told me stories about how this girl got featured on a magazine, and how she has become one of the most promising youth of the decade, or something like that. R.A even got me a copy of the magazine.

That girl was Kat Gomez.

Kat was formally introduced to me by R.A in an event at their school. I never really had the chance to talk to her about anything. I was easily intimidated by her accomplishments and, of course, by her beautiful mind.

When this Extra Kanin project came up, Evan and I talked about how we’ll progress as a group of creative individuals. The first thing that came to us was to get bloggers to write for us. We wanted to create a community of creative and innovative thinkers through our site. One of the few individuals I first thought of inviting was Kat, well because, she was just plain brilliant. And now, she’ll be sharing that brilliance to our dear readers.

Evan says:

True enough, upon hearing from Borjie of Kat’s awards and achievements, I can’t wait to invite her to join in the Extra Kanin family. Reading her first article was amazing, as the words she used were smooth, flowing and easy to understand. As I thought of it, Kat is indeed a gifted writer. We’re proud of having her as a contributor to our blog.

So here she is, our first contributor Kat Gomez, sharing her thoughts to the world.

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