A calling from the vast space of the internet

Yo! says the weird guy from Japan

One day I received an e-mail from the vast space of the internet. It was some kind of instructional guide on how to conquer the world. I paused, baffled on what I just read. Unable to process the complexity of the information, things began running around my imagination, like, am I being recruited to be a spy for the People’s Republic of China? Or maybe the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea? Further reading made me more perplexed than I already am, it was not from China or North Korea, it was from outer space!!


The shock petrified me for a moment, I didn’t know what to think or react. Never have I encountered such opportunity, it was an offer I cannot refuse. Slowly the gravity of the task given was sinking into me, the world was within my hands and these aliens were gonna make that come true.


Intrigued on what alien lifeforms they might be I tried to find information about them and I learned that they call themselves Extra Kanin. Now that got me scratching my head, aliens eat rice? Not satisfied with the answers I double-checked the message for hidden codes and details that may lead me to the true identity of the sender. With the help of my Google’ling skills I found out it was sent by some weird guy from Japan. For some reason he looks familiar, almost like déjà vu. I can’t believe what my eyes are seeing but he bears resemblance to my majestic face. Then it dawned to me…that maybe, just maybe, he is my future self who time-traveled to Japan to orchestrate this master plan of world domination. I don’t know, I’ve always wanted a Japanese wife anyway, and so I fulfill my destiny.


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