The 6th Day meets Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey sex-clone

Sasha Grey

I have a business proposal to make. I want to make a whorehouse where we can rent out sex-clones. The idea is simple, in the near future when technology allows it we can clone people in a fast manner just like in the movie “The 6th Day”, where full adult human clones can be made in days. With this technology our business can have a stored DNA samples of celebrities, porn stars, or even some random chicks and duplicate them for sexual purposes. We can also set expiry dates on them just like in the movie, a week? a month? It all depends on the client’s needs. But the best part is the client can give us their own selected DNA to clone, maybe from the girl who dumped him and he needs to regain his ego, or from a co-worker who doesn’t give a shit about him, or a neighbor who thinks he’s just some perverted voyeur, or maybe he has a sick fetish for his sister and he’s just jaded jacking-off at her jugs.

I know it’s a long shot. How many years do we have to wait for the Genetic Science to fully develop? And are we even sure by that time morality will change to tolerate our business vision? I understand your concern so let me make it more plausible for you.

Advancement in silicon has made it possible to create a very realistic sex doll. With this in mind we can cast these dolls based on a real person’s face and body dimensions. Again, it can be from celebrities, porn stars, and some random girls. We can also custom-made it for our client’s need, he just have to provide us with photos, measurements, and specifics (nipple color, aureola size, mole marks, etc.). Unfortunately legalities on consent will be a burden if you really want to make this possible, so that trims our options to porn stars, and some random girls who are willing to share their physical information for the benefit of mankind. So how about it partner? Come to think of it a Hitomi Tanaka sex doll.


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