We introduce to you: Lester Jamorabo

Evan says:

You can say our first meeting was fated and destined by a being higher than Man. About 2-3 years ago, on the infamous Bahay ng Diablo, I met Lester Jamorabo, a man of thick beard and a height of six feet. It was our first time to meet each other even though we were schoolmates and under the same college (but he’s in another department and a year higher than me). At first, you’d think there’s no joy in this guy. But hey, the darkness of his soul was just hidden from all. Haha kidding. Lester’s the guy who has an intellect above average, almost heavenly. He knows all the scariest secrets and conspiracies of the religions of the world. Oh, and he’s an artist, a painter of Modernism style. He also writes in his private blog which a few of us are allowed to read, so I guess joining the Extra Kanin gang, he’s got something of his brighter side to share. Plus his uncanny dark humor.

Lester Jamorabo, our newest contributor. Peak in to read his wit, sometimes (or always) mature write-ups, as well as his prophecies (really, this guy can predict a lot of things to come! He’s almost like a god!).



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