Remembering the Home of New Rock


Good Bye Nu107 :)

I’d dare say that we were all fans before we became what we are now. It is applicable to almost all causes — From helping the poor to becoming a musician. We had our dreams and our idols, the ones that we placed in a special pedestal, gave us the vision to see and accomplish them, no matter how daunting they may be.

Nu107 is a visionary institution. They were surely ahead of their time when they came out during the 80s. The mass media was and has always been controlled by capitalists who’d rather invest on mediocre things that’d sell for the masses. Instead of increasing the social awareness and capability of the masses, they buried it deep and maintained it down there. While most radio stations thought about how to earn money, Nu107 gave us the best of what’s served in the local scene and as well in the global scene.

Nu107 has been around for almost three decades. Back then as a kid, I grew up during the 90s and knew Nu107 at the end of that decade, I used to listen to some unconventional music – the likes of Rage Against the Machine, the White Stripes, Deftones et al. Music that weren’t given air time in an ordinary radio station. Nu107 was the lone radio station I tuned in back then, well if it was still up and running, they’d still be the radio station I’d be tuned in to. They had cool shows that catered to what I craved for. Shows like In the Raw and Against the Flow and in recent years, RockEd Radio, were the ones I always had the chance to listen to. Then there were the Saturday shows, the Midnight Countdown and Remote Control Weekend where listeners get to request any song they wanted and hear the top most requested songs of the week at midnight. What about the annual Rock Awards? The event where musicians who moved and inspired us are crowned, etched into history books, forever in our memories, immortalized.

It was a happy and exciting ride through the years. It had ups and downs, but nonetheless, it was a worthy experience. Now we have to let go and move on, but never forget. They say memories are personal. It serves as the basis of facts that define our existence. These memories may differ per person, fan or follower. but somehow these memories are built on one underlying cause, the existence of one influential institution, The Home of New Rock, Nu107.


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