Beer Quest in Nihon Land!

The first three months in Japan proved to be not that much hard, and every day I seem to enjoy the things I do here (the work’s fine; I get to enjoy my hobbies and interests as well). Though the weather’s very cold even without snow, the environment is very pleasing to live in: no heavy traffic, just biking around town, and lots of trees too (I’m not in Tokyo by the way so there are still many trees here in Hamamatsu). I get to learn how to cook too! Haha, for me that’s a worthy experience already.

One of the great feats I want to accomplish while I’m here is to eat all kinds of Japanese food. But after going to the nearest supermarket on the first day, I quickly made up my mind to start a new quest: to taste all the Japanese nama (生) here! Since foreign beers are harder to find and most of Filipino’s finest like San Mig Light and Red Horse cost damn expensive, I need to find a temporary replacement for a drinking session. Good thing some of the beers here are satisfying enough.

Here is the collection of the beer types I’ve drunk so far. Some were already posted on my Fb account, and the newer ones were of late.  The only conclusion I made was: the more expensive the beer, the better they taste! Kampai!

Here’s the slideshow of all I’ve tasted so far. Total of 18 all in all, but the list ain’t finish yet!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


2 responses to “Beer Quest in Nihon Land!

    • Hi there EJ! Thank you for the visit! We’re actually doing this kind of stuff for the first time and so far, it’s fun. Your blog is amazing as well, I hope we’ll invite you in the future to guest blog here. Oh, and we’ll be adding you up on our blog roll. Thank you much again! Have a nice day! :)

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