It’s our First Monthsary!

We are celebrating! image from

Four scores and seven years ago, the blog of Extra Kanin was conceptualized by two creative people from Manila, Philippines. Hmmmkay that was a joke. It was just last December when this blog was on the planning stage, and then released on the 2nd day last January. It was our first time venturing on a new type of blog (as we have explained in our introductory posts here and here), and the first 31 days was hell of fun. This may seem like a small amount of visitors, but hey, reaching almost 2,000 visits in just the first month really mean a lot to us. Very inspiring, and each of us here in the Extra Kanin family is full of joy. So as to celebrate our first month today, we’ve added up a page for our blog roll. We’re sharing with you, our dear readers, the wonderful people and sites we get inspiration from, and we guarantee that you’ll also be inspired from them, whether your field is on the arts, literature, humor, and many more. Just click on the Rice Rolls link you see up there in the menu. We’ll be adding more and more amazing people we encounter on the web. That’s just what we want to do: to share!

We have a lot of things running in our minds right now, and we’ll be working on more experiments as we venture on the days to come. More contributors to write for us soon too! We’ll try our best to experience a lot of the good stuff and share it with you. Thank you very much! Have fun everyone, and just dig in. :)


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