5 Portfolio Websites from the Philippines

Hora! Last time, I featured some wonderful websites and blogs dealing on industrial design from the international scene. I’m still researching on Philippine-based ID firms with wonderful works, so for the meantime, I’m sharing to you these 5 portfolio websites on creative media which you probably didn’t know or haven’t seen yet. Be proud, these Filipino creative media artists really rock!

Happy Garaje

Happy Garaje is a design and illustration studio from Cebu, Philippines. As how they said about their work, they “like to create things and tell stories.” Indeed, you can see that their works are loosely based on imagination and are out of this world. Click on the Accolades page on their site and you’ll be amazed by how many art awards and recognitions they have received.


The first time I came across the dynamic art duo of Electrolychee was on my 3rd year in college (some three years ago) when they were invited to talk about their works by our art organization. They seem to be having a lot fun doing what they love from how they share their achievements over the years. Their works consist of different styles ranging from cute colors to minimalism to doodles and many more.

Isabel Gatuslao Graphic Design

Isabel Gatuslao’s website doesn’t just show her works, her blog also tells of the different stories and processes she had gone under to produce wonderful graphic designs. Every work will leave you feeling the WOW factor (as I always experience after reading her blog entries). You can see from her list of clients that her level of skills is world class.

Super Mikki

Super Mikki is a collection of creative works by graphic and web designer Mikki dela Rea. I can describe his art works as a celebration of pop culture and modernism. Based on the different people and companies he had worked with (Adoborat, THE clothing, etc.), his creations will really be a foundation for the growth of this industry.

Twenty-Seven Twenty

Twenty-Seven Twenty is the brainchild of two art couples Nico and Katwo Puertollano, and the combination of their skills is really wonderful. Some of their works, mostly on videos, have cutesy 3D animation-infused reality. Also, you might recognize 27+20’s artistry on the media presentation from the last NU Rock Awards on 2010. Happy couples, I think, produce happy creations as well.

That’s a wrap. More websites to come!


10 responses to “5 Portfolio Websites from the Philippines

    • Your welcome Sir Nico, it is just great to share your wonderful works to our readers. I particularly like the video 27+20 made for Techy Romantics’ Out of my Mind. It was interesting. はい、どういたしまして! :)

    • Wow, that is wonderful news! Would be glad to see more of your stuff in the future! This is incredible, your tutorials will surely help a lot of aspiring creative media artists. Thank you Sir Nico. Kudos!

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