Religious Torments


The Devil and The Monk
Elan’ Rodger Trinidad’s The Devil and The Monk

I’ve always thought of religion as a very important and pivotal part of human life. It somehow spells how you will think and perceive things as you grow old and weary. At some point religion actually becomes the purpose of our lives. It some how gives us an allusion that after all the suffering something good will happen, which is somehow, in someway, true.

Its interesting that there are dozens of religions to choose from, each one of them offering a chance for salvation, a version of an afterlife, of peace and happiness we never heard of. It’s like man’s way of escaping the harsh realities of life. Each and every one of them is trying their hard battling for humanity’s soul and salvation, but is it worth it?

Anyway, here’s a 600 x 460 web comic from theory of everything comics, The Monk and The Devil.

The comic picks up the opposites of two religions, Buddhism and Catholicism. We all know that there is no one on this earth that can be as peaceful as an old Buddhist monk. And we all know, too that there’s no other creature on earth that’s more chaotic than a Devil. These two characters are set into collision course as the story begins, when the monk was apparently sent down to Christian hell rather than rebirth. Somehow, down there Buddhist monks are the most feared, mainly because of their dauntlessness and pacifism. The story ends with the devil giving up on the monk, and the monk being reborn again and fulfilling his religion’s promised afterlife.

It will somehow make you think about the different religions that are all around us. Preaching us the good word of lord, to fight injustice, feed the hungry, be at peace with your inner self, etc. But when we do all these, are we assured of an afterlife? A blissful place to live in or are we, just like the monk in the story, be thrown down to hell just because we had a different belief against the majority? I know it’s just fiction but it somehow reflects the ideology of most religions, then when you’re bad, satan’s gonna spank your sorry ass in hell kiddo.

But for me, in the end it’s going to be all about how you lived your life on earth.

check out Elan’ Rodger Trinidad here



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    • I watched Thor but not in 3D and i think it’s awesome both ways, but surely we’ll be watching out for Captain America! thanks for dropping by our humble blog! we’re hoping for more great works from you :D :D

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