Top 10: Song Covers on Playlist

I just had an inspiration to make a top 10 of my favorites of everything and might post it here every week or once/twice a month. Today, I’ll be starting it out with the Top 10 most played cover song on my playlist. I find it amusing when great artists cover great songs from other great artists, living or already gone. I have already published some of this on my Tumblr site, but this is the complete list of it. Have fun listening to them!

1. Eleanor Rigby/I Want You (She’s So Heavy) (The Beatles) – Soulive

2. Kabilugan ng Buwan (APO Hiking Society) – Drip

3. Something About Us (Daft Punk) – Balance and the Travelling Sound

4. I Can’t Write Left-Handed (Bill Withers) – John Legend and the Roots

5. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes) – Ben l’Oncle Soul

6. One on One (Hall and Oats) – The Bird and the Bee

7. Darling Nikki (Prince) – Foo Fighters

8. Bitin (Hotdogs) – Up Dharma Down

9. Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart (Alicia Keys) – Robyn

10. Five Years (David Bowie) – Polyphonic Spree

Almost made it into the cut:

Life of Illusion (Joe Walsh) – Foo Fighters

Inside and Out (The BeeGees) – Feist

All is Full of Love (Bjork) – Death Cab for Cutie

You Really Got a Hold on Me (The Beatles) – She & Him

Paranoid Android (Radiohead) – El Ten Eleven


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