Love Anxiety


It's Zombie Love by andrahilde on

This is no ordinary love

I always had negative sentiments regarding Valentines Day. I do find it amusing at times, as a lot of people are falling in love while most of them are in a gloom-doom situation. (refer to the concept of ‘neener-neener‘ or ‘positional good‘ for a better understanding of this given example). It’s the day of ultimate infatuation and apparently of broken hearts as well.

Sometimes I think it’s criminal to fall in love.

First it’s an injustice to yourself, as it gives you the false notion of a happily-ever-after ending in love. Second it’s an injustice to your partner, plainly because there’s no assurance that you’re going to be together for a long time, and I’m not even talking about forever yet. Third it’s a waste of a good number of hours, a day and a lot of money.

I’m not anti-love, I actually have a tattoo on my left forearm that says ‘love’ in my local dialect. I’m more anti to its social implications and the provocations of  outside elements to fall in love.

Outside elements?

You’ve got Hallmark valentines cards, ubiquitous candle lit dinner reservations, low rates on hotels/motels, buy one take one chocolates and, of course, our own local flower shop, Dangwa.

With all these eagerly served right before your eyes  and peer pressure glaring at us (mostly from your partner’s ‘girlfriends’) we tend to give in easily, without thinking about repercussions or ricochets. It’s all about love anyway.

Wishing someone a lifetime of love is great, but what if it ends? If falling in love is criminal, what more is falling out of love?

So what happens when a person or a couple falls out of love?

Desperation kicks in. There’s no better enemy than despair. It kills the warmth in you. It locks you up in a tight room, with little or no room to breathe. It suffocates you.

What happens after that?

Your social life will suffer. You will quit your job and become a bum. You’re so despaired you’d assume you’ve already moved on and find a new love in just a span of days and get her pregnant. You’re now a bum with a wife with no contract to support your everlasting love for one another, and another mouth to feed. You’ll be another statistical significant in a census for population control, growth and explosion, then the government will try to pass some bill so that people like you won’t get another kid that’d be another burden to our beloved country, then the church will intervene not thinking that they’re not paying taxes, that they shouldn’t mess with the government’s business, but will always push their bull into the scene because they are THE church.

Now that’s a little too much. Anyway..

I don’t usually celebrate the 14th day of the second month of the year with my beloved. But I do celebrate love with my beloved in any day of any given year. It’s not about the dates of the year, not the place, not the things you give, but rather, the things you are willing to give up for your beloved, regardless of how important these things are for you.

With much love, have a great Valentines Date.




2 responses to “Love Anxiety

  1. I don’t really get what’s with Valentine’s Day. If you love someone that much, why not show/celebrate it everyday? Oops, sorry for the cheese.

    I am with someone, but we don’t celebrate Valentine’s. However, he gives me random stuff on random days. I find that more exciting. I never know when I’m going to get something.

    And I’d rather get a free meal or a stack of books than a huge bouquet of flowers that will only wilt and rot!

    • I think it’s like how people celebrate Christmas or their birthday and other special days. This a day of all days that they want to feel much in love, where they think everyday is just a normal day for them. For some people, waiting for one special day like this will mean much to them, a day that will be extraordinary just like their anniversary or wedding day.


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