An Answer to a Call from Outer Space

Uh, to tell you the truth I’ve never written a blog before. I’ve written notes, essays, articles, journal entries, rants, poems and even plain nonsense. But never a blog. So what ever am I doing here, you ask? I’m here to answer a call from outer space! It’s a call unlike any other, a call I cannot dare refuse – a call for Extra Kanin.

So here I am, answering the call and ordering for extra kanin. I mean, err… writing my first blog. When my friend asked me to be a contributor here I instantly felt honored and excited at the same time but then a sudden feeling of dread came over me. A question instantly popped into my mind: can I do this? People are driven by fear, so they say. On being a contributor here I am not without fear. I fear a lot of things and sitting on top of the list is writing an article that suck. Then I remembered the letter written by Mia’s father from the movie Princess Diaries, and I quote: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is greater than fear. The courageous may not live long, but the cautious does not live at all”. I might as well be courageous, do this so I would not wallow later and complain of missing half of my life.

One of my childhood dreams is to be a writer, or to be categorically correct, a journalist, actually. I even considered taking it up as my major. But unexpected things happen, you can call it fate or a-very-good-course-description-of-industrial-design-in-a-college-application-pamphlet that  made me change my footing and I ended up being an industrial designer instead. Don’t get me wrong, I love industrial design as much as the next episode of Chuck; but a dream is a dream. And thanks to Extra Kanin, I am fulfilling this dream. Yes, a bit cheesy there but hey, I am so glad of this opportunity and giddy with excitement like a child waiting for her ice cream order.

me, with a big smile plastered on my face, obscured by my yummy ice cream

I hope (bid, beg and pray) that you’ll enjoy my stories.

Even the dull and the ignorant, they, too have their story. –Desiderata


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