We introduce to you: Phoenix Dianne Logan

Evan says:

I’ve known Phoenix Dianne, whom I call Pink (guess her favorite color) most of the time, since my college days as we were classmates in our majors in the University. She’s this kiddo (well, not really, she just looks like a 6 year old) with a keen eye for detail, an intellect as high as the clouds, and slight OC-ness for perfection. Also, never have I met anyone with the greatest passion about reading a book or a novel other than her. Buying six books every week, both in paperback and hard-bound, is well, not much, no? Yep, that’s how Pink rolls. The only thing I have a regret about is her having nowhere to express the words and stories stuck in her mind, so it is indeed a pleasure to have her as a contributor to our blog. I want to let our readers feel the innocence of a new-born expressionist.

Say, if you will notice, Phoenix is a mythical bird in mythology right? And Dianne comes from the word Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon. So for our readers, expect ‘heavenly’ and ‘out of this world’ factor from this girl!

Our special posts served in sizzling style by Phoenix Logan, coming right up!


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