7 Tips to Having a Hangover-free Morning After a Party

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For the party-lovers out there like me, how typical is this scenario: You and your friends attended a party where there was loads of booze which you drank the entire night, and also hit on those nachos and pizzas served on the table while playing around. Indeed it was a fun night, everyone got drunk, and everyone had a blast. You were so happy you eagerly slept already to preserve the memory. Turns out, you woke up in the morning not recalling what happened the night before, and instead ended up with a throbbing ache running around your head. You’ll then recognize you’re under the punishment of the hangover.

Everyone probably must have experienced the agony of a hangover scene (or if you haven’t and want to see the major consequences, watch the Hangover movie). We know it’s a headache (figuratively and literally), but we still want to enjoy and have fun when there’s alcohol around. I too have the same dilemma, so what I did was to ask around for the best tips to lessen or even not to get any hangover by the morning. I’ve collected a handful of tips to bust that hangover before it even hit you. See if it can help you deal with it.

Drinking lots of water. This was the most suggested answer from the survey I made. In case you haven’t noticed, drinking beer and alcohol will leave you totally dehydrated. And thus, the best way to keep hydrated is to drink plain water. It smoothens your throat, keeps the oxygen pumped up inside your body, and your blood circulating. This is your best bet to a hangover-free morning the day after. I drink 2-3 glasses of water before dozing off.

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Pop up a dose of meds. Wait a minute, not the kind of drugs that is “illegal” (but of course, your choice LOL). We’re talking about paracetamol medicine. Think of it like “win the battle before it starts.” What you do is take up two tablets of paracetamol before you go to sleep. Not my idea, but a couple of friends of mine says it is an effective way.

Drink coffee. A friend answered that drinking coffee, usually the darkest evil ones (an espresso please, or black coffee), can neutralize the hangover the next day. So if you’ve got some extra penny after partying, head to the nearest café and order some frappuccino or a macchiato!

Be sober. It’s my typical style after drinking. I make it sure that before I sleep, there’s no more alcohol spirit that is brewing in my head. I also check if I’m already sober by re-reading all my drunk tweets and saying to myself “Oh, I said that? Oops”. Hehe just kidding. OK, so either get really sober or…

Don’t sleep at all. This was a typical strategy way back when I can’t help getting drunk but there’s still work the next day. It’s just like being in a long state of being sober. This is not really recommended, since being sober might get you through hangover, but the lack of sleep will make you feeble and weak the whole day.

Take a shower. Too much heat inside the body makes the head throb and some parts of the body numb. This is the same case as when you have a fever. So after drinking, take a shower and it will cool off your body, thus releasing the heat and refreshing your feeling. If you’re in a pool party, try to have a dip in the pool as long as you like. Just make sure you’re a little sober because a lot of accidents may happen while swimming drunk.

Drinking a sports drink. This is the theory which a friend of mine had almost proved correctly. The basis was that, since drinking alcoholic beverages can contribute to a loss of electrolytes inside the brain (yes, he explained this in a scientific manner) resulting to headache, the best way to reciprocate it is to add electrons, which is a component given by sports drinks such as Gatorade. Cool huh? It also speeds up hydrating your system from the effects of alcohol. I tested this once, and though it worked, I was still not satisfied. But hey, it may work on you.

So the next time you go to a party and are planning to drink ‘til you drop, just make sure you take note of some of these tips to make you wake up to a better morning after. A little practice can also make you master the art of a hangover free morning. Who knows, you might probably be immune to the alcohol spirit. Good luck to your adventure!

Now that you have taken control of the hangover, try to take control of this situation

It will also be better if you share some of your tips for other readers to know, whether how simple or crazy it is. You may help others with their hangover dilemma as well. Share your tips on the comment box, and thank you in advance!

Warm thanks to my friends and friends of friends who responded to my research for this article: my co-author Borjie Pontejos, Ella Gloriane, Dakie Segura, Adz Rosales, Jet Joson, Toni Cordero, Fernando Castro, Daniel Aligaen, Mikhail Ortiz, David Choa and Ed Ray-An Cabral.

(Friendly warning: drink moderately, and don’t drink & drive.)


6 responses to “7 Tips to Having a Hangover-free Morning After a Party

  1. your buddy probably was talking about electrolytes, not electrons; totally different things man. Good list though.

  2. You clearly know nothing. Water is the only good advice here.

    Paracetamol and alcohol will fuck you up and coffee wakes you up but will reinstate your headache.

    Research before giving advice

    • Hey Marcelo, thanks for dropping by to read this article. Though I’m quite sure you didn’t read the article in its entirety. I did mention in the last portion that the tips I mentioned were from different people, meaning, I indeed took time to ask others about their tips. In short, a “research” was made. Maybe you’re too drunk to read and just commented right away? Anyway, I also said in the article for people commenting to share their own ways in dealing with a hangover, and though your comment is kind of full of hatred in a way, I will leave it to that.

      Again thanks man! Sober up. :)

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