Let Darna fly once again!

Darna Lives! via darnalives.blogspot.com

Darna Lives!

It was only last week that I came across this blog about a one-shot resurrection comic for the iconic Darna, the Philippines’ famous classic super heroine. At first, I was hesitant to look into the fan fiction since media had already given me a bad impression of Darna through the recent years (will talk about this in a while). But knowing that it’s a project by two of these generations’ comic foundations, Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre, one must not ignore the treasure they are digging and bringing back to us.

A quick rundown on its history: Darna is a fictional character popular in Filipino comics, created by komiks legend Mars Ravelo. It is a story of a girl named Narda who, after swallowing a magical stone from outer space, becomes  the amazon-like super heroine Darna. Along with her sidekick Ding, she fought numerous evil embodiments including the serpent-headed Valentina, some aliens and some bad guys. She first appeared in print in 1950. Since then, it was adapted into new forms of media, from comics to television series and movies. Notable actresses that played the super heroine were Vilma Santos, Lorna Tolentino, Sharon Cuneta and Anjanette Abayari.

Probably in my younger years, I would not have appreciated the concept of this coming back of Darna movement, since I’ll be busy drooling over western culture and a lot of Internet. But things have changed, and at present times, all I really need is a touch of classic and flavors from home. So if this new Darna comes alive, it will really make me feel good. I remember reading Narda and Ding appearing on Budjette Tan’s Trese Komiks, and I was like ‘Woah, that was a nice touch of character crossovers’. And I’m sure a lot of people will really welcome the idea of our heroine flying once again above our rooftops, even only in thought.

Darna Lives! from darnalives.blogspot.com

Now to talk about what I said earlier about the media giving me a bad impression on Darna. I wasn’t really happy about how the recent television shows depicting her turned out to be. I was pretty sure more than half of its viewers were watching just to see Angel Locsin expose a large portion of her bosoms and wear skimpy short shorts (sort of guilty haha). Same with the scenario of Marian Rivera (oh, on this revised one, I never watched a single show). Pretty and sexy women to play the part of Darna, but the value of the stories shown weren’t good enough. It was still, basically, crap. Just a good run for fame and money, one can say. Maybe if they balance the good cast with a good story, everyone (I mean all the social classes that exist) must have been happy. Everyone would have enjoyed the show and learned a lot of lessons. Well that is just my honest opinion.

To think that Darna Lives is just a one-shot fan fiction comic saddens me. I really hope the project pushes through. I hope we enjoy a good read about the present story of Darna and how she and her world reflect the modern life of the Philippines. I hope she flies again, in full red suit and golden stars, able to save us from the clutches of evil mentality.

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(P.S. At naisip ko lang, kung totoo si Darna/Narda, malaki ang chance niya na maging Miss Universe. Pero kung magiging totoo siya, magiging totoo rin sina Wonder Woman, Ms Marvel, Elektra, atbp. Mejo malabo pa rin palang maging Ms. Universe ang ating bida. Hehe.)


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