New Music Discovery: Happy Boy + LEO37 + Balance and the Travelling Sounds

I was planning to write this piece last weekend but due to the current situation of Japan where I am right now, things kind of got off schedule. So before things get worse, I’m going to post this one already! The last week was full of new discovery on arts, music and designs, and for now I’ll be sharing these wonderful artists I found out while flying out on the Internet cyberspace. These are sure tune-shakers! Check ‘em out!

Happy Boy
Manila, Philippines

One talented music-man I found shared on the Facebook dashboard by a friend of mine. I clicked the link, played the button on soundcloud, and what came next was bliss. It was heavenly. I don’t even know this guy’s real name, but it didn’t matter. His samples are great. Amazing. I got fond of lyric-less music when I started listening to Caspian and El Ten Eleven, and this music creations of Happy Boy gave me a smile. Simple tunes, simple beats, simple cutesy notes. Perfect when you want to relax and want to travel in space or swim under the sea while lying in bed. Treat yourself also to some poetry reading on some of the tracks.

Here’s a sample from one of his creations. Check all of his tracks on his Soundcloud account. You’ll also get to download some of them for free.

My Pet Goldfish – Happy Boy


I was lucky enough to discover LEO37 on Tumblr. Funny that I played his music on the page and I quickly got excited. It’s a tour on jazz and not jazz, which in simple term is, I can’t categorize the music, but it’s wonderful to hear nonetheless. You’ll have your blood dancing in the soul contained in the tracks. He’s got several sounds of worthy music in his page, which in the end can make you sad because it’s not enough (because I want more!). Definitely will be rooting for the spread of his creations. I also read in a recent interview that he once visited Manila before. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to catch on his live sound back then, but hopefully in the future. This is WIN!

Check out his official website and Bandcamp pages for more music and downloadable freebies (also on Facebook). Listen to some of his tracks here:

Balance and the Travelling Sounds
Los Angeles, California

I’ve included Balance and the Travelling Sounds in one of my earlier posts (their soulful rendition of Daft Punk’s ‘Something About Us’). I was hungry for more of their music, and so I ‘travelled’ to their Facebook page. Good thing I wasn’t disappointed, as their music are really full of soul, vibe and funk. It was a fine mixture of sax and beats, raps and silky voice, samplings and guitar. For a steady chill-out Sunday night, I recommend their music as your background.

Their full album can be downloaded on iTunes, but you can get to hear their music online on their blogsite or LastFM account. Here’s one of their tracks.

Fell Down – Balance and the Travelling Sounds

For my last words: IN ONE MUSIC, WE UNITE!


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