An interesting story about Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody (2009)
Movie Review

What if you have been given the gift to see the future of each life-altering decision before you decide? What if you can experience them all first before picking the right one? For a certain man named Nemo Nobody, it wasn’t a gift he asked for. He never wished for the power to see the future. Like everybody else, he just wanted to love, and live a happy life.

He did get what he wanted, although the life he lived was a tough one. Welcome to the complicated world of Mr. Nobody.

The movie: Mr Nobody is a 2009 science fiction movie by Belgian director Jaco Van Dormael, and features Jared Leto playing the title character. Diane Kruger plays Anna, one of the three love interests of Nemo (and the one he truly loves), along with other actresses Sarah Polley and Linh Dan Pham. The story opens in the year 2092 where we see Mr. Nobody as an 118 year-old man, and the last living ‘mortal’ as all the people in the world have been ‘telomerized’, explained as making a person quasi-immortal and living with ageless beauty. As Nemo is being interviewed by his doctor, and then with a reporter later in the movie, he recounts his life from three major stages in his life: at aged 9, while 16, and at 34 years old, with a non-linear sequence in the movie. As it progresses (and while the watchers of this film go confused at why the events are happening), the main purpose of Nemo’s existence will be revealed. The film also integrates its views on scientific elements like the Big Bang Theory, parallel dimensions, etc and how it is related to Nemo’s life as it ages.

Jared Leto as Nemo Nobody

If you’re one movie-buff that enjoys multi-dimensional themed fiction with a mixture of deep science and romance, this is definitely for you. Nemo explained in the movie that everything in the world is known to you even before you were born, and at that moment where you come out as a baby, you were meant to forget all of this. Unlucky for him, his memory of the future was not removed, thus giving him the chance to occasionally see what was bound to happen to him. With this, he somewhat had the ability to first experience all the options he encountered in his life. A turning point in his life was always connected to some memories in other dimensions, thus making him “jump” from this time to another time. In the end, although he remembered vaguely which path of his life really happened, he found true peace and joy before he dies. (This is not a major spoiler. There’s a lot more to see in 136 minutes of this flick.)

Nemo's love of his life, Anna (played by Diane Kruger)

For my final verdict: This is a remarkable movie. It was also confusing, but definitely very wonderful. I don’t actually get why I liked this one, but for some reason when it was in the later parts of the film, I find it hard to let go. I was hungry for more scenes, for more episodes of Nemo’s life. Apart from looking at the untiring beauty of Ms. Kruger and the hot scenes with Juno Temple, the story was well played. You’ll also get a chance to peek at a Truman Show-like part where Nemo awakes in a dream finding that this dimension was just a staged one. If I get a chance to see my life flash before my eyes, this movie will be the exact scenario.

We cannot play back. That is why it’s hard to choose. You have to make the right choice. As long as you don’t choose, everything remains possible.” (quote from the movie)


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