Superpower in a subtitle

Ever dreamt of having super powers? Invisibility, teleportation, x-ray vision, telekinesis, flight, speed, super strength, regeneration, time travelling, elasticity and self-duplication–which one of these superpowers have you dreamt of having? Having just one of those powers would really be awesome.

Dakota Skye, 2008

Dakota Skye movie poster grabbed from

But Dakota Skye never dreamt of having a super power. Because she already is laden with one. Ever since she was little, Dakota is involuntarily cursed with the truth. That’s her super power-the ability to see through every lie she hears. When someone says a lie, she can see the truth appear in a subtitle. Yes, in a subtitle, just like movies in a different language. Because of constantly knowing how much people lies, she’s become apathetic, sarcastic, sad and bitter. She discovers that every person in her effing world lies, even she. Then comes Jonah. Jonah never lies. Never. No subtitle ever appeared the whole time she’d known him. And that’s rare. Extinct, even. The fact that there exist one person in the entire world who does not lie shakes up her world. It makes her rethink her life, and her feelings for Jonah. If only Jonah’s not her boyfriend’s bestfriend. Finally the day arrived when she learned that Jonah lied to her. But no subtitles ever appeared when he did. How can that be? They say that “every superhero has a nemesis. Someone that negates her powers and brings her down amongst the mortals. Someone that makes her no more than human.” Could it be? Could Jonah be her weakness at the same time her nemesis?

Dakota Skye is an indie film released on 2008 starring Eileen Boylan, Ian Nelson and JB Ghuman Jr. that won a slew of awards including Best Film at the Charlotte Film Festival, Best of the Fest at the Firstglance Film Fest Hollywood and Best Screenplay at the Phoenix Film Festival. It took me a long while to know the existence of this movie but it doesn’t matter; better late than never, right? Dakota Skye is a simple, intelligent comedy filled with sarcastic dialogues, superb cast and a beautiful story. What I admire most about this film is the fact that it ventured into the “what if” scenario where a person can read minds or at least part of other people’s minds (and literally at that); for I admit that the superpower that I dreamt of having is the power to read minds. It’s also an unusual love story that makes you look back and be nostagic about your own confusing  juvenile love story and makes you wish that you have your own cute stoner boy named Jonah.

“Sitting between in the past and your future doesn’t mean you are in the present.” –Dakota Skye


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