All aboard the Kanin Enterprise

My shirt can eat your shirt!

I’m not much of a writer. I’m more of a visual person. I actually prefer to keep my opinions to myself or spill it out on actual face-to-face conversation with a friend. Yeah I do a little writing sometimes (usually short stories), but nothing grand. So when a friend of mine asked me to contribute to their grand plan of world domination through a rice-based blog, I thought to myself, awesome! World domination!

And besides, this is a perfect opportunity to actually do something new. I’ve been isolated inside my room far too long making designs, doing business stuff and finishing projects, I need another outlet of expression besides my artwork. Writing (or blogging) may just be a great idea.

So what can you expect from me? All the things I like; art, music, industrial design, technology, food, life, and lots more. I like learning new things and it’s my way of keeping myself from becoming a robot. Learning is my way of evolving.

But enough about that, I am now boarding the Extra Kanin Spaceship Enterprise to conquer the world with a bunch of rice monsters. I think this ship will go far into the vast ocean of scripts and galaxies of information in this World Wide Web universe. These rice monsters are smart, creative and a clever bunch and they are capable of doing glorious things. That’s why I accepted the invitation of Captain Evan and Captain Borj. It’s time for me to share the little knowledge and experiences I have and pitch it in to anyone willing (or by force, just like religion).


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