We introduce to you: Jimbert Carballo

Borj says:

When you first see Jimbert you’d think he’s some rough guy with uber high levels of creative IQ. But once you’ve spent a lot of time with him, you’d think he lives in some cotton candy castle somewhere south of Manila and lives with hyper-creative turtles who does his work for him. Seriously, everything I just said there is true, well except for the cotton candy castle and the turtles.

Despite the talent this man has, his humble attitude is beyond sea level. I won’t be bragging his works or what he’s capable of, I’ll let him show you what he’s made of. And believe me it’s kinda cotton candy-ish.

Evan says:

Jimbert, the musicman. Oh wait he’s an artist too. And a home-taught chef. Jim has been my thug (woah what language) since college; he was our guitarist from me and Borj’s former band, my dorm-mate and music guru. I wouldn’t have known a lot of good music if Jimbert had not introduced me to most of them. Now boarding the Extra Kanin ship, he’ll be another contributor for the arts and design field, and probably sharing alone some of his nomnom adventures. Head’s up, he’s on the roll!

Have a taste our Jimbert’s home cooked posts; he’s our newest contributor for Extra Kanin!

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