Flight comic anthology

I was browsing around the graphic novel section of a bookstore, killing some time before I go home, when I saw this book entitled Flight Volume 2. It was a black book with an illustration of a robot sitting deep inside a dark forest with some kids checking it out. It’s the kind of imaginative illustrations that I like, and so I got curious. I wanted to peel the plastic cover and open it just so I can see what the book was all about. Too bad, there were store clerks around. I had no choice, I needed to feed my curiosity, so I bought the book. When I got home and 400 pages later, I wanted to buy all the volumes available. I instantly got hooked.

Flight is not just a regular comic anthology series, it is THE comic book anthology series that every comic book reader or collector must have, at least in my opinion. It’s a collection of short stories from different artists and writers from all over the world. It showcases different styles of story telling, from children’s book with colorful illustrations to emotional and deeply narrated ones. The artworks in every story are different from one another and are well executed. Every piece has a unique feel that lures you more into it. And once you start reading, it’ll be hard to stop.

Talking trees, slaying monsters, frightening creatures, flying fox and robots friends, these are just some of the characters you will meet in the comics. Reading Flight reminds me of my younger years when everything in my mind was possible: about all the adventures I can imagine and different worlds I can create. It also reminds me of the reality of adulthood, the emotions it brings and the responsibilities you have. Add to that the amazing illustrations from each story and the experience will be complete. Flight is not something you read and then forget that you ever bought. It’s not for you to just bargain for, read once and leave in the bookshelf to collect dusts. It’s a literary journey that you’ll take over and over again.

Fligh Volume 7

Right now, it’s on its 7th volume and surely it won’t stop there. I certainly hope so. I only have the 1st 4 volumes and dying to get my hands on the rest. You can read updates from the Flight website and see other works from all the writers and artists that contribute to the anthology.


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