Strangers to lovers to Strangers, Again

Strangers, Again

Pretty much, you’ve already known what this post will be all about. Or if you don’t, I guess you need to watch this movie first. All you need are: 16 minutes to spare, some eye for shallow yet kilig love story, and extra moments to ponder on it. Here is Strangers, Again, the latest release from Wong Fu Productions.

Movie notes:

Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can’t avoid the inevitable.

Josh and Marissa are at a crossroads and their future is uncertain. Josh guides us through each stage of the relationship as it formed and as he predicts it will end up as.

I’m not such a fan of deep love stories, unless it’s a romantic comedy or too shallow not to just let it pass. I came across this one on Saturday night (or actually on 3AM of Sunday already) and got intrigued. From the million views it already got, I guess it’s just rightful for one to be curious and watch. So for the next 16 minutes, I saw how a relationship was defined and explained. Talking about a crash course on Relationship101, eh? Right. But for the most part, it was good. Very nice, simple, light. And very good at storytelling.

I won’t go deeper on how to explain what I felt for the movie, or what lessons I’ve learned. Everyone’s got a story to tell, mine’s not that major. Your own interpretation and feeling is what’s important. All that’s left to for me to say is, now that you know that being in love and in a relationship falls under a system, are you willing to just let it that way, or are you going to run an extra mile to prove to your partner that your love for them will go beyond deeper?

Good luck with your unicorn. Remember, unicorns are harder, if not impossible, to find. :)

Strangers, Again, image via

Visit original YouTube link: Strangers, Again
The team’s official site: Wong Fu Productions


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