The Big Boy Theory

In the first place, Why? Why did I join? You want a serious answer? Well, I don’t know, too. For me, Extra Kanin is a gift, at the right place and time.

I’ll tell you a brief story of why I write:

When I was in college, I joined our official student publication namely The Bedan. There, my liking (and passion) for writing awakened. I joined in my senior year, whereas after that, the only medium I can show my written works was through my online page, as I was also focused on developing my photography. Then on early 2011, Extra Kanin came along, and I was hesitant to join at first. “Who are these people?” “What the heaven was that?” all of these and so many came pouring into my mind.

A big thanks to Jed, and ever-friendly authors/masters of this site, Evan and Borj, I began to take interest again in writing. Actually, for the past months, I am reading the posts of the contributors, and all I can say is “WOW!”

Oh wait, before I forget. I am Ryan Andaya, and you can call me plainly as “Ryan”, Big Boy or Andy (a shortcut of my surname). I graduated in San Beda College with a degree in Information Technology. Currently working now as a Process Analyst in an American IT company, I’ve been in the industry for almost a year now, didn’t take time to rest after my graduation because I was very eager to see the so-called “reality”.

I’m always a big fan of photography, fighting sports (boxing, mix-martial arts), and also basketball. I also find great interest in books, technology and gadgets, and now entrepreneurship.

Expect me to write reviews about books that I’ve read and movies I’ve watched; also the latest trend on technology. Or maybe I could share with you a little bit about sports when time flies.  That’s all for me, you can just follow my other blogs on Multiply, Tumblr, Blogger and also Twitter. See you!


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