We introduce to you: Ryan Andaya

Borj says:

Ryan is one of those big guys with a ‘don’t mess with me’ look. But don’t let that fool you, this guy’s what I’d call The Gentleman for a lot of reasons. I’ve met him in my college years, back then he was a photographer for our college paper and I was somewhere else burning my lungs away. There was no real formal introduction between us, social networking sites just gave away our interests and it became our common goal. What goal? Well, not really to preach about anything or something in particular. Here’s what I can say, he’s kinda geekishly techy. Tech-ier than me, I believe. He’s been covering a lot of social events that he’s either invited to or interested to, so watch out for his insights and updates regarding social events, photography and good music.

Evan says:

The Big Boy finally has come aboard the Extra Kanin ship. I honestly don’t know anything about Ryan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t count on his posts to give more flavors to the blog. He’s a personal recommendation by Extra Kanin’s number 1 fan, Jed (yes, I’m mentioning you Jessa Lumanas). I got in contact with him through Twitter, became online friends and little by little found out about his passion: blogging, gadgets, and photography. I had an instant idea of adding a few photography buddies to the blog, and thought Ryan’s experience and enthusiasm would come in handy. He agreed, and thus he now debuts in our blog. For everyone, see the world in his eyes!

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