Beauty as captured by Mark Nicdao

I usually get caught looking at works by Testino,  Leibovitz’s works or mainly “photographs”. I was wondering if there’s a Filipino who is venturing into fashion photography or merely taking away snaps of celebrities out there. I was sure I never noticed anyone’s name on the magazines I bought in every bookstore in the metro.

But then, something caught my eye when I was reading my Twitter feed. I saw a tweet from Cecile van Straten (the author of about Mark Nicdao’s photo-collection-book of celebrity snaps from magazines, print ads and the like. And then I wondered, “who’s Mark Nicdao?” After that moment, I eventually bought a copy of the said compilation. And right there, I was amazed.

I looked on my past magazines and saw that almost all of them were captured by the camera of Mr. Nicdao. And recently, he launched a photo book that showcases the collection of portraits of different celebrities in the Philippines.

Ms. Nicole Hernandez for Rogue Magazine

His technique is sleek, classy and with a touch of being edgy. Sometimes when you look at his works you’ll just say it is simple but you’ll still be amazed by the grandeur of it. More and more, monthly by monthly, I always look up to what magazine his works will be featured on. Mr. Nicdao who came from humble beginnings, still shooting now, driven with passion. His works is also an inspiration to any visual artist out there. His photographs make me think, everyone with the same passion can do it!


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