We introduce to you: Jane Gaspar

Evan says:

Ever since I met her in college, One thing I always find Jane carrying with her is a Lomography camera. She’s a cool bloke with an out-of-this-world level of thinking: an imagination transcending to the vast corners of space. Yes, she’s a certified Space Girl, and Space Girls are always a major factor of the Extra Kanin club (read Borj’s comment below and he also approves). Her future contributions on this blog will surely focus on the bits and facts about photography, and you will get to see how she captures beauty in frames. Your argument about her art is invalid; Jane is one heck of a creative person, and everything she’ll produce is reasonable beyond art. Jane will talk less of words and more of works.

Borj says:

Jane is one of those unique girls who’d I occasionally call ‘weird’. At first glance, she’s the most unlikely girl to know, have played and compared video games – ranging from the Japanese produced Final Fantasy series to the bloodlust relieving GTA series. (I’m not sure though if she’s going to write about games here.) And she’s on our official list of Space Girls, a group of uncannily artistic group of female felons of art.

If you’re looking for some rare and (sometimes) weird thoughts you better look into her work and write ups, and you’ll see yourself in a rabbit hole of dreaminess and delusions.


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