And we will always be home

Remember when I posted on early January about this upcoming documentary being produced by Tony Rago (TRageCapone) featuring his week-long trip to Manila, and meeting up one of the greatest Filipino independent music identities today, the band Up Dharma Down? Just this week, the 2nd trailer (posted below) was released, raising hopes and maybe confirming that the said documentary will come out really soon. How excited am I? Very excited. Hey, it’s UDD, who wouldn’t be? And as headlined in the trailer, “Made by a fan… for fans,” it will definitely showcase the viewpoint of a band’s follower, which in a way shares more or less the same feelings of every fan as well. Haha, it’s just a regular fan like me expecting it would turn out that way.

Now, I’m counting the months. Soon, we’ll see this movie in its entirety. Click link to view whole trailer and added bonus video.

In the meantime since we’re talking about Up Dharma Down, let me share also this fan-made music video based on Purse of Stories, a secret track from the band’s 2nd album Bipolar. The video was written and directed by Vanessa Agustin (on Vimeo) as a thesis project for the Los Angeles Film School. Enjoy!


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