A passing memory of the sea

©Image taken from IceQueenvii. All rights reserved by IceQueenvii

The last time I saw the sea was when I went to Pangasinan. A hundred islands scattered across the sea, blotting out the blue and the green of the reefs and marine life. It was the first time I got to see the hundred islands of Alaminos. The ocean spread like a majestic blue and green tapestry made by Mother Nature. There’s something about the sea that keeps a person calm and peaceful within. It somehow relieves us of the stress and pain of the city as we press our calloused toes against the soft sands of its beach.

I see our seas right now as a passing memory of childhood. Though it was not that long ago that I went out and spent time on the sea or near the beach, it just felt so fast it went by gone and unnoticed. As a memory it was so full of life and vibrant colors, just the sight and sound of the waves against the sands puts a smile on your face.

Who wouldn’t love the sea, the pristine and soft sands of the beach?

Apparently, there are people among us who love the sea and the things that she gives to us. The only problem is that they love her too much and they wouldn’t let her go even though she can no longer give anything anymore. Our beloved sea, treated like a whore. Used up until she cannot longer bear and provide for her own children. If we see and address nature as ‘mother’ let us be human enough to treat her like one. Is this how we treat our mothers?

I hope and still hold for the dear memories I had with her as she saw me grow up. I may have lived through concrete and asphalt, but my heart goes out to her. I hope the next time I write about the sea it’s no longer about a memory of my childhood but a reality of solace and beauty.


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