The real Captain America

He’s the hero.. he’s the man

Those were the words reverberating from my tv set last Sunday when Lyoto Machida defeated Randy Couture using an unbelievable front crane kick taught to him by movie star and martial artist Steven Seagal. It was amazing at first seeing Machida displayed such finesse and patience in hitting the former Heavyweight and Light-Heavyweight champ.

But I dedicate this post not to the winner of the match, but to the fallen warrior, the one we know as Captain America. After the match, Joe Rogan (color commentarist) had the chance to have the one final post-match interview with Couture. Far from the scene, Machida was telling the crowd that Couture is still the Hero, he is still the man.

What is it that makes Randy Couture significant? It is because UFC and the people pay respect to him. Before his mixed martial arts career, he was a wrestler and became an Olympic team alternate. He decided that he would be a wrestling coach for the rest of his life but saw UFC videos that sparked in him to try an MMA career.

It was totally a very fruitful and long career in the field of mixed martial arts for Couture, jumping back and forth to UFC and to different MMA organizations. Many would ask, what did Couture do that made him a household name in MMA? One thing I’ve noticed was his tenacity and will to improve his skills inside the cage. He is also one of those fighters who were successful in having a business outside the octagon, example being his clothing line and his gym in America (named Xtreme Couture). And of course, his venture into Hollywood (remember The Expendables and its everything-explodes-bullet-come-and-go action scenes).

One thing is for sure. Even though Randy has retired, his name will still be on every MMA fan’s heart, and will always be an inspiration to those who excel to become a champion in the field they choose.

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