Not your ordinary cosplay: Awesome fan-made short films

We’ve seen a lot of popular comics and cartoons these days turned into big budgeted live-action movies by Hollywood. Examples are of course the upcoming movie of the Avengers, Transformers, Superman and a whole lot more. Not anymore strange, since television in the 60’s had been already showing series about the Green Hornet and Batman. Also is a typical scenario in Japan, where the sequence begins with stories in manga form, turned into anime and lastly played in live form by local actors (Death Note, Beck, Sailormoon to name a few).

However, one can find greater delight in watching movies made by hardcore fans themselves. Not just the typical cosplayers on conventions doing a specific scene or portraying their character’s signature moves. I’m talking about fans (or a whole mob of them) who used their talents to create breathtaking independent short films based on their favourite cartoons or games. Watching their works can make you sense their passion and eagerness to bring into life the icons that are part of their lives. Even better, they spark more inspiration to their fellow fans.

I’ve picked out the best independent live action short films uploaded over the Internet. Thanks to YouTube, their works can be seen online and is going viral already, reaching other fans across the globe.

Naruto Shippuden: Dreamer’s Fight (created by RivenX3i)

This is video that sparked the interest to write this article. It is just spectacular. At first I thought it was just centered on drama between Rock Lee and Naruto. But after the opening dialogues, and the fighting scene comes in, it just took my breath away. Brilliant martial arts sequence, superb camera angles, and special effects staying true to the anime style. And hey, that Rock Lee actor’s really got the moves of Bushy Brows! Since the title says Part 1, expect more Naruto movies from the creators of this one.

Hungry for more? Check out more fan-made videos after the cut! 

Street Fighter: Beginnings End (created by RivenX3i)

The creator of the Naruto Shippuden film is also responsible for this great live action movie, featuring a classic fight between Ryu and Ken from Street Fighters. Good graphics, good fighting scenario.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Raiden (from Machinima)

A few months ago, the Internet world was surprised by a viral film test retelling the story of Mortal Kombat. Some time later, the webipodes were produced, under the direction of Kevin Tarchaden. The season 1 for this series has been completed, and as a fan I can’t wait to see what happens on the next season. The Raiden episode is my favourite, not just because I really like Raiden from the game but the story has a certain twist in it. Click on the Machinima link above to view the whole series.

Splinter Cell: Extinction (from IGN Entertainment)

If you haven’t played a Splinter Cell game, then this may come a bit of a normal spy movie for you. But if you know how the environment of the game works, then you’ll find this movie sticking to it. It does not feature Sam Fisher though, but another NSA operative by the code name ‘Corbin’ who also works for Third Echelon. One thing I just hope in every scene is that Corbin gets to shoot out the lightbulbs, like what the player does in the movie. Haha.

If you want to know what I’m talking about, check out freddiew’s Splinter Cell movie. Maybe you’ll chuckle if you get the message.

Pokemon Apocalypse (created by Megasteakman)

A fan-made trailer that rocked the Internet world a year ago, this Pokemon: Apocalypse film tells the story of hero Ash Ketchum in the dark, future world of Celadon City. Cuddly pocket monsters no more.

Akira: The Kaneda Short Film (created by eyetape)

This is just a home-made clip about Kaneda from Akira. No much action in this film, but if you’ve watched the Akira movie, the drama in this one is understandable.

Street Fighter – The Later Years (from CollegeHumor)

CollegeHumor provides us with a funny story telling the lives of our favourite Street Fighter characters as they have reached old age. Wittingly made and full of fun, you’ll laughing your ass off after watching the whole series that has spanned 9 episodes.


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