Tabi Po: Bloody, Sexy, Aswang


If you’ve read Trese before you’ll fall in love with this one.

Unlike the stories our grandmothers tell us during the Great Brown-outs of the nineties, aswangs are not always old hags and they don’t always have that glowing-red eye. Tabi Po recreates the aswang as it should be – bad ass, young, bloody and sexy.

Tabi Po  is a web comic created by Mervin Malonzo. It recreates the aswang mythos into something graphic and sublime. The story is told in a first person POV where Elias, the story’s initial protagonist, shares his thoughts on their group’s aswang activities. The story will probably run through story arcs — having interesting characters in the gentleman Tasyo and the Maria Clara-esque Sabel.

Expect various references from Rizal’s Noli and El Fili, and the familiar settings of Colonial PH. Mixed into the story are some social commentary, sex, violence and aswang existentialism. It’s a total rework of the usual aswang-kills-villager-mob-kills-aswang story.  What’s more awesome is it’s in Filipino.

Malonzo’s use of textures in creating his panels adds character and spice to the story, making nude bodies with innards exposed divine and collected. Tabi Po’s artwork is reminiscent of the Animatrix’s Kid Story, only a little rougher which gives the whole web comic its unique blend of style and morbidity.

If you’re looking for something fresh and bloody, read up Tabi Po and you’ll be amazed.

Here’s a trailer/intro to Tabi Po’s bloody lovely story:


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