Nawlz: Street Art meets Cyberpunk

I always had the bad habit of thinking about what would I do in a post-apocalyptic world. A lot of graphic novels, video games, and films have helped me somehow visualize a post-apocalyptic world – 28 days later, Tank Girl, V for Vendetta, the Fallout series, etc. All of these inspired me to create a post-apocalyptic scenario involving myself and what would I do when it really does happen.

But what if the post-apocalypse that’s going to happen isn’t really a nuclear winter or zombies taking over the world? What if it’s a mix and mash of technology, bleak outlook in life, and a claustrophobic world? That, my ladies and gentlemen, is Nawlz.

Nawlz is an online interactive, cyberpunk graphic novel. This web comic may have created a whole new genre in comic book creation. A mix-up all the multimedia madness the internet can offer — it’s a complete audio-visual eye-candy. Reading it feels like being in a Blade Runner game, but in a bit more colorful setting.

Set in a bleak, dystopia-like city called Nawlz. The story follows Harley Chambers, a cyber graffiti artist, as he tries to scrawl the whole city with his ‘sleeper real’ (some sort of futuristic tag that allows multi-sensory experience to anyone who engages it). As he moves along with his plans, he encounters twists and a aggressive ‘sleeper reals’ that haunts him throughout the series.

The artwork of Nawlz features street and futuristic psychedelic art combined with rough sketches, and a hint of some anime.

If you’re looking for something to read — or something to kill time with. This is what you’re looking for, the entire season one is two hours worth of your social time. Keep your sanity aside and dive deep.

Here’s Nawlz’s Season 1 trailer:

Nawlz is created by Stuart Campbell (A.K.A Mr. Sutu), an award winning illustrator, writer and interactive designer. He’s done a lot of stuff – installation art, pilot training programs for the military, commissions, etc. This man is the stuff of legends, and his web comic, too.

Visit Nawlz here.


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