Let the Fire bounce

He’ll eat you with his beats, and drown you with his rapid lyrics. And that will feel good.

Presenting the second single from LEO37, one of my top followed artists on the web (since I can’t watch his show live), from his upcoming EP. He’s back with some electrifying-con-jazzy words and sounds, things that has caught my attention since hearing his song Icarus and Morning. This fascination I once wrote on a blog post last year. Now with Fire Dance, he brings back the same energy, something that will fascinate your ear if you’re not a usual listener to his genre. But hey, it’s all good, it’s all cool, and moments later you’ll never know that you’ll be head-bobbing to his music. That’s how this song reached me after I fed it into my system.

But one more remarkable about LEO37’s music is the goal behind it. Currently, Fire Dance is offered on pay-what-you-want­ price, and all proceeds will go to LIVESTRONG foundation for the benefit of Cancer patients and in honour of those who we lost to the battle. This offer is on until the 31st of January, and trust that you’re not just giving the artist your love for his music, but also a donation for those in need.

For more info, check out LEO37’s bandcamp account at http://leo37.bandcamp.com/.

Here’s the video for Fire Dance. Let’s all applause for LEO37, and a toast to his endevour!

You can also check out the first single off his upcoming EP. Listen and watch Fanfare.


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