Rice Monsters

Main Authors

Evan Quinay

Evan Quinay is an industrial designer by profession and currently works as a CAD Engineer in Japan. He also engages in freelance projects for creative media and other services that deals with arts and design. In his alternate ego state, Evan is a visual artist, web designer, music lover, drummer, fiction writer, social media student and a practicing entrepreneur. He loves travelling, trying out different kinds of food and drooling over vintage items. Connect with him on different social networks: Twitter and Tumblr; or visit his personal weblog at WordPress and Portfolio.

Borjie Pontejos

Borjie Pontejos is a self-employed techie from manila. He hopes to become a professor someday, somewhere. Borjie extremely enjoys anything zombie, and an avid fan of music, film and books. Not really an egghead, but knows a thing or two about things he likes. Sidelines as a creative adviser for friends and friends of friends. He also hopes to win an award through a film, which up until now is still in his head. Follow his adventure on Twitter and WordPress.


Katrina Gomez

Kat Gomez is officially a graduate of psychology, and now an aspiring medical student who aims to make an impact in public health one day. Unofficially is these things: a passionate and quirky person who uses words as tools to build the world she hopes to see, a full-time volunteer for various endeavors, and a geek who considers history, politics, and literature to be as vital as oxygen.

Phoenix Logan

Phoenix Logan loves the fact that she is an industrial designer and a bookworm. In addition to that, she loves cats, making amigurumi dolls, writing, watching movies and devouring her mom’s cooking. Phoenix has an uncanny ‘skill’ of guessing the outcome of a movie correctly. She whimsically hopes to see the aurora borealis in real life and has this firm belief that she is the reincarnation of Cleopatra.

Jimbert Carballo

Jimbert Carballo is a freelance industrial and graphic designer and owner of a local clothing brand for kids known as Doozy. He’s fear is becoming a lifeless robot one day. To prevent that from happening, he feeds on art, music, comics, films and new creative and technological informations. He enjoys silkscreen printing, designing, collecting graphic novels, design books, eating and cooking while stealing movies in the internet. Follow him on Twitter.

Ryan Andaya

Is an I.T. professional by day (or sometimes night, depending on the given workload). In his free time, he works on developing his photography, shooting both as a hobbyist and sometimes professionally. He’s now focusing on Fashion, Weddings and anything that he can be captured through his camera. He is also a lover of books, and any kind of genre whether fiction or non-fiction will do for him. A self-confessed geek in his own ways with regards to computers and gadgets. Follow his works, rants and any things Tumblr and Twitter.

Jane McFly

Jane of all trades: She thrives being an office waste basket during the day, and by night still thrives to have ample time to do her own thing. Jane hates the fact that she has to write something about herself. She considers it as another form of self-loathing, or maybe she doesn’t have a clue on these things. Although if there’s anything delightful about her is that she lives her life based on this phrase: “Nada pode me parar!” You should too. In fact everybody should be doing the same. This is her advice to everyone, world peace aside.