Rice Rolls

Hey there, lovely readers! Check out this list of wonderful people and websites all over the cyberspace.

Rice Monsters’ other accounts

Evan Quinay – Blog | Tumblr
Borjie Pontejos – Blog | Tumblr
Kat Gomez – Blog
Lester Jamorabo – Blog
Jimbert Carballo – Tumblr
Ryan Andaya – Blog | Tumblr
Jane Gaspar – Blog

Wonderful people and their amazing crafts

Dakie Segura
EJ Mangahas
Erin Heroin
Faye Cuevas
Joe de Jesus
Joy Celine
Kat Malicsi
Marj Ramos
Stef de la Cruz
Zobel Certeza

Blogs that help you Blog Better!

Digital Filipino
Social Media Philippines

Artistry and Creativity at its Finest

Isabel Gatuslao
Niña Sandejas
Design Pinoy
Pilipinas Street Plan

Yanko Design
Vandelay Design
Design Milk

Brilliant Literary Write-ups

Eliza Victoria
Rocket Kapre
Theory of Everything Comics

Pop Culture


Check it out as we add more awesome links to the list. Just dig in! :)


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