About the blog

It’s a typical thing for Filipinos to order extra rice when eating in a food park. Sometimes it means that the full meal is delicious, or that one cup of rice is not enough to fill the hunger. It has been a part of “food culture” for us, with the Asian trait of having rice on every meal. You can’t be considered a true-blooded Pinoy if at one point of your life, you had not tried indulging heartily on rice.

Now we’re taking that culture to cyberspace.

The Real World and the Internet can be comparable to the variety of food served in a feast. And those meals can’t be quite tasty without some rice in it, no? That’s what we are all about. We serve you with posts and write-ups about the latest Internet hullabaloos, the emerging modernity of the Philippines, current events, different literary pieces coming from the writers’ hearts, and of course, all the FUN things we can find anywhere.

And then you’ll try to get some more. Another cup please. Extra Kanin pa po!

And yeah, my apologies if you thought this site was a Food Blog. Anyhow, we hope you enjoy what’s in store for you here! :)